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Vladislav Galgonek (* 1946 in Český Těšín) graduated from conservatory (1967–1969) and later studied reportage photography (1981–1985). He has been taking photographs since childhood, systematically since 1967, and professionally since 1971 as a photographer-artist at the Odra mine in Ostrava. Since 1973 he has worked as an editor-photojournalist at the regional editorial office of Czech News Agency in Olomouc. He has participated in a number of exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad, in particular with the H 70 group (Ostrava, Havířov), and he organized solo exhibitions: in Hukvaldy 1976, Uničov 1984, Jeseník 1985, Havířov, Uničov 1987, Olomouc 1990, Šternberk 1992 and Olomouc 1996, 1999. He has also taken part in several national and international photographic exhibitions and competitions, and has published his photographs in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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